From 'I Will' to 'I Do' and Everything in Between


When most people think of weddings, one of the first things that spring to mind are flowers. Whether it´s the petals scattered down the aisle by flower girls, the flower arrangements decorating the tables at the reception, or the bridal bouquet that is tossed into eager hands to pass on the tradition of marriage, the symbolism of flowers is inextricably intertwined with the joyful union of a couple.

We help you to make the decision about which floral designs are right for you. We take into account your colour scheme, whether you are going for the latest trend or a more classic look. And we don´t just stop at flowers. We integrate design elements like crystal trees, butterflies, baskets or unusual vases into your centerpieces, if you want these décor elements to enhance the effect. All of this will be combined to create a result that is as uniquely you as your wedding day itself.

Although it is our intention to give you the wedding of your dreams, we don´t believe in leaving things to the imagination. We will run a mock–up of every item that we create for you, so that you can rest assured that we´re delivering exactly what you had in mind.

We have built strong relationships with our vendors so that we can ensure value for money as well as quality in all our flower arrangements.