From 'I Will' to 'I Do' and Everything in Between

About Us

We believe that your wedding isn´t only about one special day. Of course, it´s about starting the rest of your lives together, but it´s also about the rituals and the rites of passage that lead up to the day itself.

Planning your dream wedding is important – it´s significant for what it says about you, your relationship and your lives together. But it should also be fun. This is the biggest party you´ll ever plan, and you want it to be unforgettable and uniquely you – be it modern, elegant, stylish, unusual or traditional.

Whether your wedding planning fantasy is inspired by family tradition, bridal magazines or Hollywood, we will be your partners in that process.

Your Unique Wedding Design

An important part of what we do is create original design elements exclusively for your wedding. You don´t have to adjust your tastes to suit our catalogue, but if you´re in need of ideas, we have lots to show you. Through a process of consultation and with the insight that comes from years of experience, we come to an understanding of what it is that you want – even if you´re not sure yourself – and we deliver on it.

No Surprises

We also know that on your wedding day, the bride and groom don´t need any surprises, so we believe it is of the utmost importance to supply handcrafted décor samples, to create mock–ups of place settings and floral arrangements and to sit down together to work your way through cake tastings until you´re sure you´re getting exactly what your heart – and your taste buds – desire.

One Fee – Unlimited Access

Our unique fee structure – a once–off payment, instead of an hourly rate or loaded supplier prices – has been created with you in mind. We want you to have unlimited access to us, with the confidence that it´s not costing you extra to make sure that you´re getting exactly what you´ve dreamed of. You will also have the assurance that the rates that we pass on to you from our caterers, florists and equipment rental are their real prices, and not some inflated fee to justify our place in the process.

Where in the World?

House of Chenelle is a Johannesburg–based wedding planner, delivering dream weddings all around Gauteng, but also venturing further afield in South Africa as the need arises. We are also able to cater to international couples planning to get married in South Africa, and can carry out all of our specialist services on email, supported expert photography.